Successful Business: Ten #StartupSundayTips by LATINA CEO

Successful Business: Ten #StartupSundayTips by LATINA CEO

LATINA CEO with technology experts and resources ready to assist you with your startup or existing business.

The startup scene is everywhere. If you notice, it’s happening across the nation with little diversity. Startup funding opportunities for women and minorities, in general, will be even less available, but it doesn’t mean your products and services don’t have a chance. All it means is that you have to be strategic, more resourceful and stay laser focused. The following are ten #StartupSundayTips from LATINA CEO to help you launch a successful business.

  1. Talk to experienced small business owners
  2. Find and use free resources
  3. Get used to doing more with less
  4. Build a great team
  5. Fire fast if your team or an individual is not working 
  6. If you need startup or expansion financing, consider sources other than traditional banks
  7. Forge relationships with contacts before you ask for help from them
  8. If married make sure your spouse clearly understands your vision, business plan and financial risks and opportunities
  9. If you have children ensure you have a good support system in place
  10. Be hardcore honest

We hope these tips help you. There is no cookie cutter start up business plan that fits all! Ultimately good decisions, trial and error, passion and pushing the boundaries lead to success. If you need to speak or meet with experienced small business owners, entrepreneurs’ or technology, marketing, accounting subject matter experts LATINA CEO is ready with available resources to assist you with your startup or existing business today! Contact our team at   

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