10 Playbook Lessons from LATINA CEO’s Hispanicize Texas ’17

10 Playbook Lessons from LATINA CEO’s Hispanicize Texas ’17

It took me years to understand my strengths and master them. What I learned is that it’s key to grow  from your past experiences and adjust accordingly. The beautiful thing about your journey is that it affords you the opportunity to make changes, whenever necessary. Take the time and do it right. And remember, scale thoughtfully.

Here are my ten playbook lessons we covered at Hispanicize ’17.

  1. Vision – Stay The Course
  2. Potential – Recognize & Rise
  3. Strategic – Planned Decisions
  4. Courage – Face Failures
  5. Goal Setting – Drive Results
  6. Resourceful – Intentional
  7. Intuitive – Sensitive To My Voice
  8. Life Learner – Never Stop
  9. Flexibility – Don’t Resist Change
  10. Foresight – Drives Business

As a whole, your playbook to success is about embracing the growth mindset, but to always be mindful of every mindset’s facets. Massive growth is one thing, but sustainable growth is what makes for a lasting company.

Keep in mind, freelancers, startups, and smaller businesses have the benefit of being able to shift gears more readily than large corporations.
So, when your answers signal a need for a new approach, use it as an opportunity to innovate and adapt.

Master your playbook.

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